New Sino 3 Axis Digital Readout Counter

  • Sino model – XH-3 digital readout counter
  • Multifunction display for lathes or milling machines
  • Inch to metric conversion
  • Mid-point calculation
  • Absolute and incremental (ABS/INC)
  • Preset datum coordinates
  • Bolt-hole circle and line positioning
  • Arc and slope processing
  • Angle display mode

$290.00 $190.00 Inc tax



The Sino XH-3 3 Axis DRO Readout Counter is a cost-effective solution for your milling machine. This instrument comes with a 3-axis digital display unit with a multi-functional operation. It also converts inch to metric measurements. The power-off function automatically cuts power when the device stands unused for a few minutes. You can also adjust the brightness level of the display. The 100% laser calibration makes operations faster and easier.

Technical Parameters

  • Voltage range – 100V ~ 240V (50Hz–60Hz)
  • Power consumption – 15VA
  • Axis type – 3 Axis
  • Accuracy – 5µm


  • Easy operation of readout
  • Packed safely for international shipping
  • Includes USA, EUR, and UK power plug options
  • Includes complete accessories needed for installation

Basic Digital Readout Functions

  • Load default setup
  • Clear zero
  • Power-off memory
  • Brightness adjustment
  • Double-seal for protection against water
  • High noise immunity
  • Robust chromium plated panel

Package includes

  • Three-axis digital readout – 1pc

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