Easson ES-12 3-Axis Digital Readout Kit 5μm GS10 Linear Scale

  • Easson model – ES-12 digital readout kit
  • Membrane seal diaphragm touch keys (water/coolant/dust proof)
  • Die-cast aluminum casing
  • Eight-language operation
  • Centering (1/2)
  • Built-in calculator
  • Pitch circle diameter
  • Line hole positioning

$999.00 $875.00 Inc tax



The Easson ES-12 3-Axis Digital Readout Kit ES-12 is counted among the top-rank readout units from the brand. It features a 5.7-inch color LCD display that provides graphic displays along with graphical guidance of step-by-step operations. This easy-to-use DRO has an all-in-one software, which makes it comprehensive and highly professional. The DRO functions are carefully designed to suit all types of lathe and mill machine. This readout unit can display data in seven different languages. This readout kit includes three pieces of GS10 linear scale that has a high-precision etched glass for unmatched accuracy. you can choose from the available models between 100mm and 1020mm measuring travel lengths.


  • High-refinement linear scale
  • Easy operation of readout
  • Packed safely for international shipping
  • Includes USA, EUR, and UK power plug options
  • Includes complete accessories needed for installation

Technical Parameters

  • Voltage range – AC 100V ~ 240 V (50 Hz ~ 60 Hz)
  • Power consumption – 25VA
  • Input signal – TTL square wave
  • Frequency multiplication – 4x
  • Input signal frequency – More than 100KHz

Digital Readout Features

  • Clear zero
  • Inch to millimeter conversion
  • ABS to Inc conversion
  • Power-off memory
  • 199 sub-datum
  • Ref memory
  • INCL inclined machining
  • SHRINK shrinkage calculation
  • ‘R’ function (simple R and smooth R)
  • Linear error compensation
  • XYZ axes summation

Linear Scale Features

  • High-precision etched glass
  • Resolution – 5um (0.005mm) 0.0002 inch
  • Signal – TTL Square wave
  • Grating pitch – 0.02mm (50LP/min)
  • Accuracy – ±0.005mm or 0.0002inch (at 20 degree C)
  • Reference marks at interval of 50mm
  • Response speed – 60m/min or 40insc
  • Cable length – Armored 3m (about 9 feet)

Package includes

  • Three-axis digital readout – DRO kit
  • Linear scale – 3pcs
  • Accessories for installation

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